BS in Nursing Alumni Survey

Spring 2014

In an effort to evaluate how well the Lehman College Nursing Program is preparing students for careers in nursing, please answer the following questions related to your experience.  The survey take about 10 minutes to complete and is entirely voluntary.  All of your responses will be kept strictly confidential.
 What was your status when you entered the Lehman College Nursing Program?
 If you are enrolled in a graduate program or completed a graduate program, which type of program is it?
 For each of the following outcomes, indicate how well you feel the Lehman College Nursing Program prepared you.
 Very well Well Adequately Poorly Not at all 
 Demonstrate competency in the practice of nursing by applying knowledge from nursing science, the physical and human sciences, and the humanities to promote, protect, maintain, and restore optimal health     

 Evaluate nursing research outcomes in terms of applicability to professional nursing practice     

 Apply critical thinking in the practice of nursing     

 Use political, change, and/or health policy theory in analyzing the health care delivery system.     

 Collaborate effectively with other disciplines to achieve common health goals.     

 Identify the role of professional organizations and scholarly activities in advancing the profession of nursing.     

 Use a human science perspective when providing nursing care.     

 Apply ethical-legal principles in clinical decision making.     

 Assume responsibility for the continual pursuit of knowledge and professional development.     
 Which of the following best describes what you are currently doing?