Thank you for participating in the Nursing Graduate Survey. Please answer the following questions related to your achievement of the Graduate Nursing Program's learning objectives and your experience since graduating.

This survey is entirely voluntary. All of your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

 In which track were you enrolled?
 To what extent do you consider yourself prepared to do the following:
 Always Often Sometimes Rarely Never 

 Predict potential changes in health status based on the level of wellness identified in the assessment of client systems.     

 Synthesize knowledge of marco-level issues that impact health care in order to inform practice.     

 Perform client advisory functions on a local and global level in health organizations, communities and the legislature.     

 Provide leadership within health organizations and the community in the management of client care.     

 Demonstrate advance nursing practice within the standards of the American Nurses Association.     
 Which of the following best describes what you are currently doing?
 How well do you feel Lehman College prepared you for your current job?
 Does your current job require a master's degree in nursing in your major track?
 Since graduation have you implemented evidence-based practice by integrating research finding in clinical practice to address client system problems?
 Are you interested in a Doctorate in Nursing Practice Program, DNP?
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